"Take care of your body if you want your soul to want inhabit it. (Chinese proverb.)"

What makes us diferent:

  • Our welcome, kindness and discretion
  • Our recognised skill in terms of treatments for you: ladies and gentlemen
  • A world of treatments designed for you: harmony and soft spaces
  • A space dedicated to “letting go“, fragrances, musical ambience, oval spaces litaccording to the season: warm light, cold light, a space that will allow you to quickly recharge your batteries during the course of your visit
  • A bar serving beverages and light dishes or pre-dinner drinks (made to order)
  • An underground car park above the SPA

Oosmosis : an urban SPA in the centre of Geneva with or without appointment

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we would be grateful if you would cancel it 24 hours in advance out of respect for the beautician and other clients who might be able to use your appointment time. In fact, every one of your visits requires the preparation of your cubicle or treatment area, cosmetic products and oils included in the discharging of your treatment.

Think about the beautician preparing for your arrival...

Skills :

  • Experienced beauticians, a team at your service who will do all they can to satisfy your requirements
  • Perfect mastery of treatments, a technique created 20 years ago by the founder of the company, 
  • a person from the medical community
  • Beauty treatments and SPA services available in one location
  • Treatment equipment which is the benchmark in its field
  • A tailor-made service that will satisfy every demand

Facilities :

  • Treatment tables with wide and comfortable tempura mattresses
  • Treatment devices with multiple labels which are the benchmarks in the best SPAs: LPG, dermabrasion, chromotherapy, luxotherapy…

LThe spaces :


UA moment in private or with several others (with recliners which massage your back) for full foot treatments

For hand treatments: manicure, single layer of nail polish, layer of gel nail polish, nail application, French manicure / nail application...


Comfortable treatment beds for

  • Hot wax epilation or wax epilation for sensitive skin
  • Application of false eyelashes and eyebrows for an enchanting look
  • Express treatment for people short of time
  • Hand treatment
  • Full foot treatments
  • Classic or LPG face therapies


  • Hot marble table for body scrubs
  • Chromotherapy shower for physical well-being
  • Massage cubicles with subdued light for individual or dual treatment
  • Balneotherapy
  • Face therapy: dermabrasion or skin lifting via chromotherapy
  • LPG face therapy: anti-ageing, Endermolift, peeling
  • LPG therapy: for the body, lipomassage
  • Massages: relaxing, Californian, abhyanga, shells, Tui Na, drainage, etc.

The massages :


The relaxing massage uses a lot of manual massage techniques. This involves light caresses, palpation, kneading and sliding pressure.

In terms of physical qualities, the relaxing massage allows your body to oxygenate tissues, suppress joint and muscle pain, and even encourage and improve blood circulation.


A Californian massage is made of movements in turn both fluid and strong on the surface tissue of the whole body, using aromatic oils delicately applied with both hands on the body. Effort is concentrated on the knots of tension in the body, which are the receptors and psychosomatic symptoms of stress.

A soothing space where the mixture of fragrance, music, exceptional décor and coloured LED lights create a universe to relax you during your visit..

Lomi Lomi is based, like traditional Chinese medicine, on the ancestral belief that energy, called "Mana", circulates within the body. According to this approach, if pain or tension is felt, this energy is "upset". This massage specifically makes it possible to harmonise the energy that circulates within us and thus reconnect all our parts. In the philosophy of Mana, an individual cannot be divided. On the contrary, Lomi Lomi will help you to regain your original unity.

The Lomi Lomi form is distinct due to its grace and fluidity of movement. It is a powerful and enveloping massage, as fluid and rhythmic as the waves dancing on the black sand of the island – gentle at times, powerful at others. Its special feature, moreover, lies in the long gliding forearms and its characteristic feel.

This form comes from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, is delivered with the help of sesame oil, and is an overall moulding of the soft body, warm and enveloping.

It relaxes and strengthens, increases resistance to fatigue and stress, re-educates sleep functions, relaxes the muscles, releases tension, regulates the flow of energy in the body, strengthens the immune system, and improves the digestive, hepatic and intestinal function.

The massages I offer come from all these techniques but are especially based on the needs of the body in the present moment, to better release tension.


This massage is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, is a real therapeutic tool, surpasses the aim of relaxation and responds to many disorders.
It stimulates physiological functions, mobilises energy, disperses and shifts bottlenecks and accumulations, or tones in the case of deficiency.


This massage uses basalt stones of volcanic origins because of their qualities and ability to retain heat.

Hot stone massage has been used in China, Japan, Egypt, Africa and South America, where it plays a role in the healing rituals of these ancient cultures. Healers and masseurs have always resorted to the use of stones, including crystals, essences, and even flowers.
The entire body is massaged using the stones held in the hands.
The result is deep relaxation and muscle relaxation, body drainage and detoxification, as well as a release of the body's memories up to and including bone memory.


Shells originating mainly from Polynesia include in particular meticulously handcrafted tiger clams. Made of calcium carbonate, shellfish naturally emit calcium ions that are transferred directly onto the skin while providing the beneficial effects of a massage with heat. The shells remain hot during the massage.

This massage removes stress. Through this calming effect, the body maintains its harmony.

Combining the benefits of massage with the heat and softness of shells, it is a moment of uninterrupted “fullness” that unites the benefits of classic manual massage with the heat and strength of shells, releasing all tension.


Is carried out with massage candles specially designed for the discipline. Based on beeswax, massage candles include, among others, a subtle blend of plant oils and essential oils.

This massage revitalises the body and releases the mind from stress.
The wax of the candle nourishes the skin deeply while providing it with more elasticity.

This very gentle massage is ideal for reducing circulatory and lymphatic vessel disorders.

It tones the intestines and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, its aesthetic properties are interesting because it makes it possible to tackle the retention of water and the formation of cellulite.



You will be lying on a hot marble stone for a traditional sea salt scrub that will make your skin softer than a rose petal.

You will be lying on a hot marble stone for an exfoliating treatment that will beautify your body with black soap.


You will be lying on a hot marble stone for an exfoliating treatment with a mint-based organically farmed extract that will make your skin healthy-looking and radiant.