Body treatments

Oosmosis - body treatments


Bougie Ambre – Oosmosis Spa Genève

An escape for the body to relax, relieved of all its tension. An escape for the heart to achieve sublime emotional balance. An escape for the mind to gently blossom.

Massage with candle and essential oils chosen for their calming properties.

(75 min / 240.-)

Aroma Stone Massage – Oosmosis Spa Genève

A gentle massage to harmonise the body's flow of energy thanks to the power of volcanic stones.To find a state of absolute serenity and to free oneself of tension.

(90 min / 260.-)

Oosmosis - exfoliation


Sea scrub – Oosmosis Spa Geneva

Pure delight with this traditional exfoliation with sea salt which makes your skin softer than rose petals.

(45 min / 160.-)

Moroccan scrub – Oosmosis Spa Geneva

An exfoliation treatment to relax your body with black Moroccan soap.Your skin is deliciously velvety thanks to deep hydration.

(45 min / 160.-)

Mint scrub – Oosmosis Spa Geneva 

This mint-perfumed exfoliant offers incomparable cleanliness and luminosity.It reveals more supple and unified skin. It produces a sensation of intense freshness and revives and tones the skin.

(45 min / 160.-)

Royal beauty treatment service for the feet –Oosmosis Spa Genève

Aim for perfection with a full foot treatment with massage for exquisite voluptuousness and an impression of sensational lightness.
(60 min / 120.-)

Royal treatment for the hands – Oosmosis Spa Genève

Gentle strokes to perfection with this hand treatment which includes a massage.

A little break which refreshes you deeply.

(45 min / 85.-).


The mode of action of reflex and energy techniques is difficult to see and explain scientifically. Some hypotheses have been put forward, such as in the treatment of anxiety or compulsive disorders.

The aim of the techniques of reflex and energy therapies is to correct a functional imbalance in certain organs such as hormone, digestive or lymphatic systems for example.

The energy of LUXO infrared light is transferred via the nerve endings which form the reflex point. This energy stimulation acts on the autonomous nervous system, helping to re-establish the functional balance of the hormone system.

There are two very important organs in the hormone system: The hypothalamus and the hypophysis. These are located in the brain and play a part in the regulation of the autonomous nervous system, in the secretion of neurohormones and in behavioural symptoms (eating behaviour, dependence on smoking or alcohol, stress, wake-sleep biological rhythms, etc.).

They secrete endorphins. The hypothalamus is also involved in the production of dopamine. The hypophysis stimulates the production of oestrogens and progesterone by the ovaries.