"Look after your body so that your soul wants to live there" (Chinese proverb)

A place for wellbeing for body and mind in Geneva

Look through the Oosmosis SPA area following the themed stages that appeal to you:

The Queen of Sheba, Romeo and Juliet, Dancing in the Rain, Feminine Moments, Masculine Revelation, Full Oosmosis Experience, etc.

Quality beauty treatments in Geneva:

Manicure, beauty pedicure and hair removal

A space for relaxation in the heart of Geneva

Let go and relax with Oosmosis...

Treatments for men and women:

Beauty treatments and spa

Facial treatments

LPG treatments

Toning, anti-aging, remodelling

Oosmosis - Beauty and Spa - GenevaA technique tried and tested in Hollywood, where the celebrities are crazy about it because it exfoliates the fatigue from the face in a single session when you need to look your best for an evening out or a meeting.

Intense Hydra light treatment - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

Perfection and utter relaxation.

Welcome to our timeless spa. Escape from the stress of the day completely, feel wholly restored and give your skin a long-lasting radiance.

(75 min / 180.-)

The Fountain of Youth - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

Perfect weapon against aging

This treatment gently and effectively exfoliates the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Deeply revitalised thanks to a shower of light, your skin glows with new youthfulness.

This treatment is a journey for the senses on it's own.

(90 min / 250.-)

Optimizer - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

Under the effect of peptides from hibiscus and lupin...

The skin relaxes, tightens and reveals its youthfulness. Ideal for reducing signs of aging, remodelling the face, tightening, firming and boosting skin vitality.

This treatment cannot be ignored!

(90 min / 250.-)

Le Grand Classique - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

This deep cleaning and purifying treatment combines the spraying of hot essential oils, traditional extraction techniques and a detoxifying and calming mask.

And your skin is visibly calmed, rebalanced and purified to uncover its perfect clarity.

(90 min / 230.-)

Purifying treatment for men - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

Rediscover supple, fresh skin, bursting with health thanks to this purification treatment.

Relaxed features and a calm gaze.

(60min /180.-)

Eclat Cocoon - Oosmosis Spa Geneva

This treatment runs on a temporal axis which combines essential oils and hot stones.

The pleasure of a perpetually reinvented ritual which leads to utter calm and deep relaxation.

Your complexion begins to glow!

(60 min / 180.-)

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